Ventilation And Reducing Home Cooling Cost

First thing in the morning when it’s cool outside and then last thing at night just before you go to sleep when the temperatures drop, you open up windows on either side of the house and you turn on the Whole House Attic Fan.

It starts drawing in all that cool fresh air
and it cools your house down while it forces all that hot air out of the attic…

…You know, your attic is hotter than
the Mojave Desert up there in the

Force all that hot air
out –
Because, that’s what makes your air
conditioning run so hard

“It’s gonna cut your air conditioning bill
way, way, down”

What Does Attic Ventilation Do?

Using an attic exhaust fan moves the air up and out of the roof as it’s being replaced with cooler fresh air.

What Is The Best Way To Vent Attic Heat?
By using a Zephyr Blade Whole House Fan for attic venting,

Drastically cutting your energy bill, up to 80-90%
Makes your home comfortable
Removes inside odors
Making A Healthier Home