Green Energy Savings & Rebates

The Following Utility Companies Offer Rebates For Whole House Fans And Green Energy Improvements

Roseville Electric
Lodi Electric
MID (Modesto Irrigation District)

TID (Turlock Irrigation District)

The Whole House Fan Company – California contractor # 785869

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What is the single, most cost effective and “greenest” way to SAVE ENERGY while cooling your home?
A Whole House Fan.

The Whole House Attic Fan is the most effective energy saving appliance available.

Standard air conditioning units consume electricity at high levels to circulate cooled air, and are extremely expensive to repair, and maintain.  The use of a Whole House Fan drastically reduces your dependence on air conditioning and in some instances ENTIRELY REPLACES IT.
This translates into hundreds of dollars of energy savings per year!

Our personally designed, revolutionary whole house ventilation systems quietly replace the air in your home at a rate of 15 – 20 times per hour. This results in healthier air quality and a drop in air conditioner usage by 50-90%. In fact, today’s whole house exhaust fans pay for themselves on average within a year and a half, making them the most cost effective energy saving appliance on the market. All this while making you feel refreshed and clean, like you are at the beach!

Drastically cutting your energy bill, up to 80-90%
Makes your home comfortable
Removes inside odors
Making A Healthier Home