Installation And Service

We have been installing Whole House Fans for over 30 years and have thousands of happy customers.
While most fans from the hardware stores come with a limited warranty, our fan comes with an unconditional warranty,
provided by The Whole House Fan Company.

The Whole House Fan helps to keep temperatures low by drawing in fresh cool air through an open window and purging the warm, stale air out through the attic vents of your roof.

This process is what creates a cool and fresh living space.

We can replace older, failing attic and whole house fans.  Many of our customers have enjoyed a new, quieter, powerful, and more energy efficient Zephyr Blade Fan.  Older shutters and fans can be noisy and loud.  Our shutters and louvers are felt tipped and spring loaded for quiet operation as it opens and closes.

Drastically cutting your energy bill, up to 80-90%
Makes your home comfortable
Removes inside odors
Making A Healthier Home